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Are you interested in receiving your medical marijuana card or marijuana certification, but you aren’t sure how to obtain them? The professional staff at Integrative Physicians in Waldorf, Maryland, can provide medical marijuana certifications to patients who qualify.

Medical Marijuana Card & Certification Q & A

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How can you obtain a medical marijuana certification and card?

Legally obtaining medical marijuana in Maryland requires you to receive certification from specific providers. A medical marijuana ID card can also be purchased but is NOT a requirement at this point. This is a four-step process that varies slightly based on your age.

Step 1: Register as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)

If you are at least 18 years old and you have an accessible email address, you can submit an application on the MMCC’s registry website. You will need to upload the following documents and to complete the online application:

  • An electronic copy of a valid US federal or state government issued photo ID and proof of Maryland address
  • An electronic copy of a recent color photograph

The MMCC will review your application and, upon approval, you will be registered and issued a MMCC ID Number. Your registration is valid for two years.

If you’re not yet 18, you will need a caregiver associated with your account. Parents or legal guardians who are 21 or older are the only ones eligible to act as a caregiver. Caregivers are required to register with the MMCC before registering with a minor patient.

Step 2: Obtain a written certification from a registered MMCC provider

You will need a valid written certification from a provider who is registered with the MMCC. Your provider at Integrative Physicians will be required to approve medical marijuana as a treatment option for your qualifying medical condition. Certifications are valid for a maximum of one year.

Step 3: Visit a licensed dispensary

Now you can visit licensed Maryland dispensaries to purchase medical marijuana. When making a purchase, you’ll need to present your valid US government-issued photo ID.

Step 4: ID Card Purchase (Optional)

After your registration has been approved by MMCC and your provider has issued you a valid written certification, you are ready to visit a licensed Maryland dispensary to purchase medical cannabis. When making a purchase, you'll need to peresent your valid US government issued photo ID. 

What is the benefit of obtaining a medical marijuana certification and card?

Simply stated, consider enrolling in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission program if you’re suffering from a condition that you believe can be treated with medical marijuana. The certification gives you the legal right to enter an approved dispensary and buy cannabis. The knowledgeable, caring team at Integrative Physicians can help with the enrollment process and if qualified a written certification. Call or schedule an appointment online today.