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What is a written certification?

A written certification is a state-recognized document that permits a qualifying patient to obtain medical cannabis within the state. The written certification is the only document that a patient needs in order to buy medical cannabis from a Maryland licensed dispensary. Only licensed physicians may give written certifications.

The written certification is separate from the patient identification (ID) card. An ID card is completely optional. Some patients may prefer to have an extra form of identification. They can request an ID card on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website. The card costs $50.

There are a few steps for a patient seeking a written certification.

  1. Who qualifies for medical cannabis? According to the Commission, any condition or disease that is severe, that has not responded to other treatments, and that can “reasonably can be expected to be relieved” with medical cannabis may qualify for a written certification. In addition, any chronic or debilitating disease or condition with the following symptoms qualifies for the use of medical cannabis:
    • Severe or chronic pain
    • Seizures
    • Severe appetite loss
    • Wasting
    • Severe nausea
    • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  2. Before an appointment with a licensed physician, patients must register on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Registration is free and will take only a few minutes. After patients have completed the online registration they will receive verification along with their MMCC patient ID number.
  3. After registering with the Commission, patients should make an appointment with one of our certifying providers. If the physician determines that the patient qualifies for medical cannabis, then the physician will issue an online written certification for the patient.
  4. Once the patient has the written certification, he or she is permitted to purchase and use medical cannabis within the state of Maryland.


When will medical cannabis be available?

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has announced the 15 growers and 15 processors who have received pre-approval for licenses and are working through Stage Two of the approval process. The Commission anticipates medical cannabis to become available to qualifying patients with valid written certifications in late summer 2017. In addition, there are 102 companies pre-approved to dispense medical cannabis in the state of Maryland. Integrative-Physicians will update and finalize the timeframes as announcements are made from the MMCC.

Key Benefits of Green Relief

  •   Our physicians are experienced & reputable professionals
  •   We apply state-of-the-art medical knowledge to determine appropriate uses for cannabis
  •   We make the process simple, understandable, & hassle-free
  •   We respect the diverse healing properties of medical cannabis


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